Welcome to the Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network

The Network is made up of more than 60 agencies and dozens of individuals working together to reduce poverty in Peterborough City and County since December, 2006. Members come together under a common vision and principles in seven work groups and two guiding committees to make lives better for people living in our community.

This website provides information about poverty in Peterborough and widespread community efforts to make a difference. For more information, please go to Contact Us or any of the pages listed above or to your right. As a grassroots organization, we encourage anyone to join and help us.

PPRN is creating a Sustainability Working Group, to help us achieve our goal of being financial viable beyond our Trillium Grant. Do you have, or know someone who has, experience or expertise in finance, fundraising, or related areas? If so, please put them in touch with Diane Therrien at dtherrien@pprn.ca or 705-868-5590!

A Taste of Nourish - January Programs

Free food skills workshops available. To view details click here

OTF Grant Application and Work Plan

View 2013 OTF Grant Application View 2013 OTF Work Plan

SAR Commisions Report March 27 2013

SAR Commisions Report March 27 2013 Report Card

Work Group Key Areas of Focus:

Housing: Led by the Supply Committee of the Affordable Housing Action Committee
Key Focus Areas: Implement the recommendations of the Peterborough Housing Strategy (21010 2020); Increase local capacity to provide housing for the homeless and people who have insecure housing; Support successful housing transitions from street to homes, shelters to permanent rental housing, and rental housing to home ownership.
Food Security: Led by the Community Food Network
Key Focus Areas: Provide short term relief through emergency food programs; Build individual and community capacity to address food security, mostly through training and education; Support broad system and policy change which results in shared power and equity.
Basic Needs:
Key Focus Areas: Ensure access to health care for people living in poverty; Increase access to oral health care for people living in poverty; Address the needs of our most hard-to-serve community members; Ensure accessible and affordable support services which allow people to remain in their homes.
Employment and Training: Led by the Community Employment Resource Partnership
Key Focus Areas: Support people as they prepare for employment; Increase the availability of good jobs; Help people maintain employment and reduce barriers to continued employment; Coordinate community research and increase community awareness of employment services and education opportunities.
Income Security:
Key Focus Areas: Support and promote the Registered Disability Saving Plan program; Influence decision-makers to ensure adequate incomes for all people; Increase public awareness about the importance of adequate incomes for vulnerable people.
Neighbours in Action:
Key Focus Areas: Create a shared vision and process for neighbourhood development; Engage a wide variety of local residents and stakeholders in a sustainable development process; Demonstrate community action and change in areas identified as a high local priority.
Key Focus Areas: Carry out public education, awareness-raising and community mobilization; Provide communication support to the Poverty Reduction Network; Link people to the services they need in the community.