The Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network aims to connect groups and individuals who have events or programs that educate or assist others living on low incomes. If you have anything you wish to post here, please email it to info@pprn.ca.

Donations can be made to Peterborough County-City Health Unit byclicking here

Oct 31 20132013 OTF Grant Application
Oct 31 20132013 OTF Work Plan
Aug 8 2013Agency Staff Survey
Aug 8 2013Client Survey
Aug 8 2013Funding cuts explained
Aug 8 2013Summary changes to benefits
July 24 2013Imagine Studios 10th anniversary celebration and fundraiser
July 24 2013Job posting - Facilitaror, Community Education and Engagement
July 24 2013PPRN receives funding to fight poverty for the next 3 years
July 24 2013Grant will help fuel local poverty battle
July 24 2013CHEX TV - PPRN gets more than 200 thousand dollars
July 8 2013YMCA Summer day camp
July 1 2013Havelock Belmont Methen Community Help Centre Drop-In Service
June 26 2013State of Homelessness in Canada Report Card
June 25 2013Social Assistance Community Information Session
June 19 20134nd Annual Neighbours in Action BBQ
June 14 2013InfoNote on Dental Treatment Assistance Fund
June 11, 2013Finding Hope Together
June 6 2013Affordable housing for all will cost up to $200M
June 7 2013 Unemployment numbers released
June 7 2013Draft 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan Unveiled
June 6 2013Community Forum on Housing and Homelessness Ten-Year Plan
June 6 2013Alliance to end homelessness 2012 report card
June 6 2013CAEH webcast series: February 26, 2013
June 6 2013June 2013 Income Security Work Group Activity Report
June 6 2013Planning Committee Minutes from May 2013
June 5 20134nd Annual Neighbours in Action BBQ
June 5 2013Church throws barbeque for neighbourhood
June 5 2013ocal Churches Establishing Community Partnerships
June 6 201310 year housing and homelessness plan
June 3 2013Plan to help low income families access the internet
May 31 2013City asks province to reconsider cuts to Discretionary Benefits
May 30 2013Are you ready for the extreme heat?
May 30 2013RDSP account not easy to open
May 28 2013Peterborough Social Services has a new website
May 15 2013Sex Work and Stigma Conference
May 14 2013Sex Work and Stigma Conference
May 2 2013 Turning the Tide: From Charity to Advocacy in Ontario
April 29 2013PPRN presentation on Discretionary Benefits
April 30 2013 Toronto Star article on the Social Assistance Review
April 30 2013A Letter to Toronto Star from Martha Macfie on the Social Assistance Review
April 30 2013Hugh Segal fights for Guaranteed Annual Income
April 26, 2013Inclusion Conference 2013: Growing Caring & Accessible Communities
April 23, 2013Plan to Cut Discretionary Benefits Moves Ahead
April 19 2013Local Collaboration serves up first graduates
April 19 2013 City Could Consider Cuts to Discretionary Benefits
April 17 2013More Money Needed for a Dental Fund for Low Income Families
April 17 2013Seeing a dentist saved one man's life
April 17 2013Dental program means musician no longer rocked by aching tooth
April 12 2013Social Assistance Review-Jennefer Laidley's webinar
April 12 2013April-June schedule for the mobile dental health centre
April 10, 2013Let's start a conversation about health
April 5, 2013ODEN:Move ODSP employment programmes to Employment Ontario
April 3, 2013Local Art Workshops to Support Submissions for Peterborough in Portrait
April 2, 2013PPRN close to reaching deal to buy former Mount property
Mar 28, 2013PPRN hosts community meeting on Social Assistance Review
Mar 27, 2013Jennefer Laidley's Social Assistance Review
Mar 27, 2013Community Consultation on the Social Assistance Review
Mar 25, 20132012 Planning & Review Session Report
Mar 21, 2013Campaign to raise the minimum wage
Mar 21, 2013Join the campaign to raise the minimum wage
Mar 7, 2013Community Living Night with the Petes
Feb 7 2013Mobile dental treatment for Peterborough County residents
Jan 31, 2013Advocates push for "warming room" for homeless who can't access local shelters
Jan 31, 2013Students fundraise for Habitat for Humanity
Jan 30, 2013Advocates push for 'minimum barrier' homeless shelter
Jan 29, 2013Social-assistance reform ‘a priority’ for new Ontario government
Jan 29, 2013New premier makes poverty reduction and social assistance reform a priority
Jan 22, 2013Homeless people are left with nowhere to sleep during the cold snap
Jan 22, 2013Mount St. Joes may have a new lease on life
Jan 22, 2013PPRN aims to buy former Mount Property for Community Centre/Housing
Jan 22, 2013Former convent to be new community service hub
Jan 22, 2013Poverty Network to buy former Mount St. Joseph property
Jan 21 2013Resolution for 2013 - A Poverty Free Ontario!
Jan 02, 2013Peterborough receives $1.5M from province to cover CSUMB for 2013
Jan 02, 2013Province provides $1.5M to help homeless, poor
Dec 31, 2012Nourish Project Update
Dec 12, 2012Minister of Community and Social Services in Peterborough discussing DB and CSUMB
Oct 24, 2012Download Social Assistance Review Final Report
Oct 17, 2012Film screening for World Day to eliminate poverty
Oct 12, 2012Health Unit supports Province expanding dental coverage
Oct 9, 2012Fall family feast for Neighbpurs at George St United Church a huge success
Sept 29, 2012Leta Brownscombe Fundraising Dance in Peterborough
Sept 28, 2012Put Food In The Budget Campaign Meeting in Toronto
Sept 19, 2012Come celebrate the impact of philanthropy in Peterborough hosted by the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough
Sept 19, 2012Planning Committee Notes from Sept 6, 2012
Aug 16, 2012Pasta Dinner & Bake Sale held at the George Street Church
Aug 1, 2012Planning Committee Notes from July 5, 2012
Aug 1, 2012Support for dental care urged through postcard campaign
Aug 1, 2012Three community agencies standing behind province-wide campaign
Aug 1, 2012Understanding unemployment in Peterborough
Aug 1, 2012PPRN urging city council to maintain discretionary benefits
July 27, 2012Support for dental care urged
July 25, 2012Interim drop-in centre announced for Charlotte Mews
July 25, 2012Council unanimously decided to maintain discretionary benefits
July 25, 2012Affordable Action Committee Releases their Housing is Fundamental 2012 publication
July 21, 2012 Community Meeting on Social Assistance Benefits held on June 21st, 2012
July 4, 2012Finding The Hope - Dec 7 2011 Strategic Planning Summary
June 25, 2012Literacy Ontario Central South presents Bridges Out Of Poverty Workshop
June 21, 2012Prince of Wales parts with Penny Hope
June 21, 2012Planning Committee Notes June 7 2012
June 21, 2012Community Meeting at the Peterborough Public Library Main Branch Auditorium 3:30-5:00pm
June 18, 2012Heat warning issued for Peterborough City and County find a cooling room nearby
June 15, 2012Join the YWCA at their Empty Bowls event to raise awareness about hunger and food insecurity
June 12, 2012Please Act Now to Save Housing Supports for People on OW and ODSP
June 12, 2012 Community Food Network received funding for Community Food Hub Research
June 6, 2012Free Community BBQ at George St United Church from 5-7pm rain or shine
May 31, 2012PPRN summer newsletter is now available
May 29, 2012PPRN is proud to support the wonderful work of the Peterborough County-City Health Unit’s Oral Health program through the Dental Treatment Assistance Fund (DTAF)
May 1, 2012Prince of Wales Public School program calendar
April 25, 2012PPRN concerned about the provincial budget
April 25, 2012Media Release
April 25, 2012Third Annual Community Barbeque
April 25, 2012View the Community Events Calendar-Courtesy of the Kawartha World Issues Centre

April 25, 2012Contact email address changed

April 17, 2012Advocates Say Budget Cuts Will Hurt the Poor
January 9, 2012Job Posting - Coordinator, Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network
December 30, 2011RDSP Consultation Report 2011
December 1, 2011RDSP Step By Step Guide-this guide has been made available courtesy of PLAN: Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network
November 24, 20112011 RDSP Consultation Guidelines.
November 24, 2011December 5 2011 RDSP Consultation Session Poster.
November 21, 2011Media Release.
October 18, 20112011 Poverty Report Card.
October 17, 20112011 Poverty Report Card Download.
October 17, 2011Release of Peterborough Poverty Report Card.
September 23, 2011All Candidates Meeting on Social Justice Issues
Septemeber 15,2011 Health Unit Releases Nutritious Food Basket Survey.
September 14, 2011 FREE Teen Recreational Drop In Centres for ages 13-18 years
October 27, 2011 2011 Bring Food Home Conference in Peterborough .
October 6, 2011 Vote on Food and Farming .
July 13, 2011 Community conversation with Commissioners Frances Lankin
and Munir A. Sheikh. Meeting is being held at the Trinity United Church, 360 Reid St.
June 28, 2011 Neighbours In Action - 2011 Summer Program (July 12 - August 25) .
June 21, 2011 Peterborough is participating in the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario (ODSP and OW) .
June 16, 2011Neighbours In Action - Community BBQ
June 7, 2011 Meeting with cabinet ministers and MPPs
May 20, 2011Peterborough Community Legal Centre
May 17, 2011Health Unit Announces New Dental Clinic Location
May 12, 2011Neighbours In Action Poster
April 19, 2011Let's Talk About Social Issues - Federal Candidates Meeting
April 14, 2011Enbridge - Helping to reduce energy costs
March 31 2011Community update on PPRN's work
Aug 17 2010PPRN Launches new strategies
Dec 01 2009  Poverty Reduction Newsletter
Oct 01 2009   Poverty Reduction Newsletter

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